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monthly50's Journal

Monthly50 - A Monthly Icon Challenge
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Claim a fandom or character and create 50 icons by the end of the month. Once you finish your set, you will post a link to your entry on the specific months challenge post. At the end of the month I will make an entry with links to every set made for the challenge. 25 of the icons will have fairly loose guidlines, but the other 25 will be a free-for-all. You can only have one claim at time but after you finish your claim you may then start another. You are limited to 3 claims per person per month. Each month specific guidlines will be posted as well as twenty five guidlines for you to follow. I'll try my best to have a variety of themes for each month. Also, I will choose my favorite set of icons from the ones posted and display them on the community userinfo for the following month.

I'd like to thank phuck and ack-attack for coming up with the original idea. I based the idea of the community off of it and made some of my own changes. You can find their "Phuck Attack" challenge here.

The header used on the layout was created by me, unspell and features Alison Scott (K. Heigl) and Ben Stone (S. Rogen) from the movie Knocked Up. The original layout codes were created and posted at a community called iconizethis and they were modified by me as well.